What are MagnaBitz?
MagnaBitz are tiny magnetic-backed colored tiles used to help create and recreate characters from your childhood, classic or indie video games, and your own imagination – change the design over and over again! The simple-to-use design of MagnaBitz will provide hours of entertainment, satisfaction, and enjoyment as you make nostalgia come to life on any magnetic surface.

It’s like having colored graph paper at your fingertips! Don’t spend hours with sticky note pads or markers on a whiteboard, use MagnaBitz to quickly transform magnetic surfaces into works of art! Turn your refrigerator into a life size version of classic video game characters, pixelate any photo and turn it into a masterpiece, or use your imagination and make new pixel creations! Turn those 8-bit memories into actual artwork!

Get adventurous and turn your car into a giant power up or use MagnaBitz to create simple and fast stop-motion movies of your favorite game characters! The possibilities are endless!

What colors are available?